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Thirteen Things about my Sister

January 5, 2006
Thirteen Things about my Sister
I had a wonderful visit with my sister over the Christmas holiday. It’s amazing how much closer we’ve become as we’ve gotten older. Or maybe it’s just me who is getting closer – maybe Sher has been there waiting for me all the time. I’m terribly self-centered, and sometimes I miss out on people and relationships because I simply don’t realize they are there. In any case, it’s a good thing that we’re getting to be friends as well as sisters.

On that note, I thought I’d tell you a few things about my big sis …

1. The way my mom tells it, all my sister wanted for her 10th birthday was a little sister and a 10-speed bike. She got both, but spent a couple of years trying to send the little sister back.

2. When I was a little girl, I had very, very long hair, and my sister would curl it and style it for me. I remember once, when we were going over to her boyfriend’s house for dinner, she spent hours carefully curling my hair into sprials with a curling iron becuase I wanted “locks” like a princess in a storybook. I was maybe five or six, and I thought “locks” were long curls, not just long pieces of hair. The curl didn’t last long enough for us to get out the door, (my hair won’t curl for anything. Not even perms. Really.)but I felt like the most beautiful little girl in the world.

3. Right around that same time, she also gave me an adorable little china clown that sat on an orange satin crescent moon and hung from the ceiling. I kept it in my room for years, even when it didn’t match anymore, just because it was from her.

4. Growing up, we had an inground pool in our backyard. When my sister was a teenager, she used to take her little pink portable radio/tapedeck out to the pool and lay out in the sun for hours. She would listen to Madonna but mom would make me come inside because she didn’t want me listening to Madonna. Sometimes I would go out anyway and stay out until I got too hot, just to be like her.

5. I was always the one who had to go to the basement for popsicles, cause I was her slave baby sister.

6. As we got a little older, I started knowing most things about her life through the family grapevine, instead of from her. She moved out of the house and went to Florida when I was 8. That put our relationship on hold for quite a while.

7. When I was 13, my sister met a wonderful man and married him. They were engaged just three short weeks before the wedding, which threw my mom into a planning frenzy.

My sister was a beautiful bride, but I looked clunky and awkward in my bridesmaid’s dress. (I got my first strapless bra, though. Black, from Victoria’s Secret. That was cool.)

Right after the wedding, she got pregnant and had a baby. I was so jealous of all the attention she got that year, mostly because I was 13 and that’s what being 13 is all about. But I wish I had been more interested in her, instead of being jealous.

8. When I graduated college Phi Betta Kappa, Sher tried to get me to go to law school. I think she really believed I had the brains to do it, and she would have been proud to be able to say she had a lawyer for a sister. I hope she’s not disappointed that I’m more or less a stay-at-home mom.

9. When we’re apart, I always forget how funny she is. I never thought she was funny when I was a kid – mostly because I had no sense of humor and her jokes were often directed at me – but now, man, she can make me roll on the floor. Someday I’m gonna be just like her.

10. Sometimes I’ll say something, and Super-Hubby will turn to me with this quizzical look on his face and say “Sheryl?” Apparently, even though we live 2,000 miles apart, I still copy her mannerisims.

11. When we were together over the holidays, we talked about starting a “family homestead” and living on a big plot of land with two houses and a barn and a big garden and a stream for swimming in. That sounds really lovely, and I wish it could happen.

12. I forget how much my sister likes the outdoors. We hiked the Chiricahua National Monument, and it was amazing. She was going full steam ahead, too. At 9,000 feet above sea level.

13. This year, I got the biggest stocking of all, and in it was a box of Cookie Crisp. ‘Nuf said.

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  1. Heth permalink
    January 5, 2006 4:26 pm

    That was wonderful to read. There’s nothing like the bond between sisters. I’m 28 and one of my sisters is 12. It was so fun to hear the little sister’s perspective

  2. "D" permalink
    January 5, 2006 4:28 pm

    Oh man… I’m actually a little teary eyed! I have no big sis, just a couple of big brothers I’m not close with. Bless the both of you!

  3. Mama B permalink
    January 5, 2006 5:33 pm

    My sister and I are 7 years about and we didn’t really hang out growing up until she was in high school. But now were best friends and she lives 10 minutes from me! Yeah! My TT is up at

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