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March 21, 2006

This afternoon I stopped at the grocery to pick up some sugar. I grabbed a cart from the cart return, and just as I was putting Tom in the seat, a well-dressed man walked up and said “Wait, I’ll get that piece of cheese out of the cart for you!” He then pulled a half-eaten slice of American cheese out of the main portion of the cart. I hadn’t seen the cheese, but assumed he was gathering up this trash as a kindness. I thanked him.

He turned around and a moment later I noticed him chewing something. I looked for evidence that he was still holding the cheese, but his hands were empty.

I think he ate the cheese.

Eww, gross.

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  1. Heth permalink
    March 22, 2006 12:12 am


  2. Bobita permalink
    March 22, 2006 12:38 am

    Seriously…very, very funny!

    I’m DYING to know if he actually ATE the cheese?!?!

  3. Diana - Teacher Mom permalink
    March 22, 2006 8:35 am

    How nasty!

  4. Chilihead2 permalink
    March 22, 2006 12:11 pm

    Oh. My. God. That is disgusting.

  5. Nikkie permalink
    March 22, 2006 3:21 pm

    That is so nasty!!

  6. Anonymous permalink
    March 24, 2006 11:58 pm

    Or perhaps, well dressed though he was, he was starving. And what seems gross was actually an attempt to provide himself with what every person deserves.

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